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A Tale of Two Sisters (and Two ADHDs)

“In my house, one daughter moves all the time. The other has trouble getting moving. One explodes loudly and angrily every morning transitioning from sleep to school. One quietly starts her day with cereal. One rushes through homework to get it done, so she can move right on to the next thing. The other one gets so caught in the idea of perfection she can’t even start the task at hand. Two sisters who couldn’t be more different, both diagnosed with ADHD.”

3 Comments: A Tale of Two Sisters (and Two ADHDs)

  1. This is a wonderful article, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with your daughters. Would you mind sharing what kind of non-stimulant medications work for your daughter with inattentive ADHD? That would be so very helpful, thank you so much.

  2. You sound like a wonderful parent. Your children are lucky to have such an understanding and adaptable role model.

  3. This article was so relatable. My oldest daughter has the hyperactive type of ADHD and my youngest has not been diagnosed (she is only 4) but has characteristics and behaviors that make me think she might have inattentive ADHD. She is very imaginative, very social and other kids are drawn to her but she gets lost in her own world frequently. I think this article picks up something important for parents of neurotypical and non neurotypical alike, that each child is different and parenting is not one size fits all. Help your children find what works for them, help them to understand that not everyone’s brain is the same and thus everyone has different needs. You seem very well attuned to all of your children, what a powerful impact that must be having on them.

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