Adult ADHD
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Adult ADHD: A Guide to Symptoms, Signs, and Treatments

Adult ADHD symptoms include difficulty with time management, memory, organization, emotional regulation, and more. Learn what adult ADD looks like, and how it’s diagnosed and treated.

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  1. To be honest here… didn’t get tested for years until a few months ago, I am 29 years of age. my family knew I had add or ADHD but always told me that nothing was wrong with me. when I used to serious about working out I used to have a strict diet on myself as well of what Vitamins to take and it was more like the foods that I am now eating but I am even more careful of what I eat today.
    I take Adderall 20mg a day to help me. I also take vitamins after I have eaten something such as iron, magnesium, Omega 3 fish oil (EPA 300mg/DHA 200MG), B12, D3.

    plus meditating and getting in shape again has been helping allot so far.
    I am still learning what to eat and what to take, vitamin wise.

  2. My biggest issue with the natural treatments is these are good things for everyone and may help cope but it is not a cure and if it does then the person was misdiagnosed.

  3. I am grateful for posting this comment. I will keep the details out and report positive outcomes! I have been seeing a psychiatrist for my Adult ADHD for 5 years at least and never had the proper RX experiences I feel a loss of trust and robbed from years of managed Adult ADHD. I recently was on “God knows what!” It felt like atomoxetine , or strattera? Mixed in a capsul with a stimulant. Recently tried blue 10 mg. A/D scored adderall tablets 10 mg. And WOW I AM CLEAR! FOCUSED AND NOW KNOW WHAT IVE MISSED OUT ON!… WHY HAS MY PSYCHIATRIST DENIED ME THIS TREATMENT? IF ANYONE CAN ANSWER THAT WOULD BE SOO APPRECIATED. LIFE IS BACK AND BETTER FOR THE TIME BEING. I HAVE 4 TABLET’S TO TRY. IS IT NORMAL TO FEEL A LOSS OF TRUST? AFTER IVE BEEN DEALT WITH A Series of terrible, terrible meds! When all it took was 1 tablet.. A REAL TABLET and a desire to fix my own ADHD ISSUE BECAUSE I KNEW THERE WAS MORE TO LIFE THAT I WAS BEING HELD FROM! THANKS. ENJOY THE READ AND SOMETIMES WE AS PEOPLE NEED TO ALTER OUR OWN LIVES. FREEDOM WORKS!

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