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The ADHD Homework System That (Really) Works

Homework stress is real — and exhausting for parents and students alike. Spare your family the drama and fights by following this six-step homework system designed for children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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  1. I found working from home was an impossibility. Although I was expelled from school on my 16th birthday i was successful in a career that normally required a University degree majoring in Math or Commerce degree or Actuary ASA. Or FSA . Or Laws Instead I founded my own company Employed them and occasionally lectured at the local University.
    How does technically a grade eight graduate with parts of high school do that. Well in my case the hard way. Importantly though you have mentioned part of the problems but there is also the problem of getting to school with the proper books tools and notebooks,. This is a problem i still have .
    The solution in this case was twofold. The most important was recognizing where the work would most likely be done where focus wouldnt be broken and super focus would be an asset. Ironically this turned out to be in the school. Working in detention was always productive . Even the hooligans couldnt distract me. The second thing was being in the right place with the right tools.
    Over the years three solutions occurred. The first one above solved the problems of doing it and returning usually the next day with the results and the necessary tools.
    The second one occurred after i was old enough to golf and own a car. I found if i kept a complete set of my golf equipment in the car it was always there ready and waiting for those imprompto games.. especially the ones that were not at my own golf club.stored in my locker and the pro shop.
    The third occurred many years later when I was expected to bill 2 to 3000 hours a year as a consultant . That was to delegate the tasks i flunked at to my assistant or other staff such as timeliness, appointments, tools, and scheduling. Almost anything that required meticulous record keeping., working memory, and focus. In the case of focus they also intercepted most of the communications for me and dealt with a significant part .
    Some of this can be incorporated in school. If work is being done at home I suggest having two sets of textbooks and keep one at home and one in the locker. It wouldnt hurt to have a small wifi printer in your locker in case you dont bring back the hard copy. That way you are prepared for the inevitable forgotten essential. In terms of a location learning where in the home provides a distraction free location to do the work is essential. If not the home, the library, community drop in sites or if possible the school.
    Delegation of detail is not easy when you attend school but if it is then use the resources that are available because we seldom become completely reliable normals.
    The downside of this is you enter retirement totally unprepared.

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