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From Dropping Out of College to Working for Google: How My Son Found Success

When my son dropped out of college to become a professional snowboarder, it was the most difficult time of my life — and an epiphany for him.

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  1. I have been there too, but i’m still here , you seem like someone who has lots to do , to give this world. Hey,Hey,Hey we all need a hand at times go get some and they are out there like the number Girlmom typed.

  2. Don’t give up hope. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. I know Jesus loves you as you are. I am.so blessed by the people with ADHD in my life. Forget those who rejected you even if they are your parents. You may even be suffering from post partum depression. Life will get better. 18002738255 is the national suicide hotline. Please call them.

  3. I wish my life had gone this well. I still don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Looking back, I always feared not having money and becoming homeless. Your son was single and there for money is not such a binding issue. Alone you can live pretty meager while pursuing a dream or school or career. I wish I had actually gotten away from the safety of my home and lived and done some things. Instead of seeking out one custodial situation to another (i.e. living with my mom to getting married living with a spouse) I still fear taking my life be the reins, and usually defer it to some one else. Like staying unemployed and powerless. Once I had a child attempting to finish my bachelor’s degree got even more difficult to me, and the stress of being a parent just had me kind of hiding in a hole. I have had some success in my life, but never that break thru moment of knowing exactly what I want to do with my life, everyday, for the rest of it. Accept maybe running, but then I hurt my knee. Plus I can’t run very far anyway. But I would rather run than do most things. I’d rather run through the desert than have a regular 9-5 and 401K. I’d rather run Western States half dead than sit my ass in a cubical feeling 110%. But turning that into a lively hood? I have no clue. Money kind of turns me off and makes me wince, but I like having it, sure we all do. I just hate managing it and babying it, and nurturing it and counting it, and OMG. I don’t mind giving chunks of it to charity. Even in my unemployment I still give. I’m looking into volunteer work. It doesn’t pay money, but maybe it will trigger something in me that I’m trying to get too. I’m pretty close to giving up, TBH. My life has been such a waste. My ADHD caused my dad to pretty much reject me at the age of 3 and that left a huge un-fillable hole. Even Jesus can’t seem to fill it. There’s a God shaped hole in all of us? Well what’s that other hole then? Well we all die in the end, so I know I will at least reach that goal successfully! LOL

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story . Gives us, with middle schoolers, a lot of hope. I can see my son throughout your story . Is there anyway your son would be interested in being a mentor for mine ? Just a call or email so my son knows there’s guys like him out there that make it!

  5. That is encouraging. Same story as my daughter but she is stuck in the post college failure, almost killed herself with alcohol, having trouble keeping a job stage ….but refuses all help cuz she knows best. Waiting for her to have a passion about something. I see no light at the end of the tunnel but your story gives hope.

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