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ADHD Diagnosis Rates Appear to Flatline

The prevalence of ADHD among U.S. children has not increased since 2014, according to a new national survey. But consistent monitoring, research, and treatment are needed nationwide.

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  1. Although heredity is far and away the greatest root of This condition another major contributor is major stressors at particular times during the pregnancy of expectant mothers. To wit i was born in the last year of the second world war, the twelth child of my parents. My oldest brother was serving in the Navy on Convoy duty for 2 and a half years from SouthHampton in England to Murmansk in Russia. My mothers favorite a teenager was operating in a sea full of U boats and occasionally writing home. Survival rates were not good. About 3 months into her pregnancy just after her 44th birthday my sister 2.5 yrs old died exactly 6 months to the day before I was born of Scarlet Fever. And just to top it off my 14 almost 15 yr old brother quit school and was trying to enlist.
    Major stress to the nth on any mother.
    Has any research been done on seniors and others to determine if the rate of ADHD fluctuates with wartime children ( 18 yr olds) who served and their much younger siblings.

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