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Your ADHD Brain — Only Stronger

The proponents of Cogmed's working memory training gush about the improved focus and organizational skills in teens with ADHD who use the alternative therapy. Can this brain training for ADHD improve symptoms?

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  1. I went through Cogmed about 6 months ago now. I am about $3500 lighter, but with no appreciable improvement. The psychologist I was working with actually told me “You have the most improved scores I’ve ever seen”. I am commenting in hopes that my experience will save others $3500.

  2. At this time there is minimal objective research support for neurofeedback and related training (by “objective” is meant research that does not have a financial link). What the objective research reports is essentially that the trainees scores improve on the tasks they are set while completing the training. That is not unexpected! What the research does not show are improvements in the real world. There is no evidence – yet – of a generalisation of training to the reduction of symptoms of dysregulation. In my opinion, as a clinician, it is important to consider that the treatments for ADHD cover a wide range of areas and skills. There is no single treatment that should be considered or recommended as “all one has to do”. Treatment begins with a thorough assessment process that needs to understand the relationship of the part to the whole.

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