Bipolar Disorder
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Where ADHD and Bipolar Disorder Overlap

Impulsivity. Over-activity. Moodiness. These symptoms could describe ADHD or bipolar disorder — or both together. William Dodson, M.D. explains how to tell the two conditions apart.

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  1. Absolutely life events can triggers for BP episodes. Especially depression. Also, it is important to denote between bipolar type 1 and bipolar type 2. Just check out The Bipolar 2 Workbook. 4 psychiatrists put it together, this source is used widely among professionals and the four highly trained specialized psychiatrists state that life events and BP is connected. Chronic stress can trigger BP, in particular a depressive episode, deep grief, lack of sleep, all kinds of life events.

    Also, it is FALSE to say that the DSM-5 states that a BP episode has to last 2 weeks. The DSM 5 does NOT state that. It is 4+ days for hypomanic episode (BP2) and 7+ days for manic (BP1).

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