ADHD at Work
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ADHD at Work: Time Wasters and Productivity Killers

You're overwhelmed at work. Buried in to-do lists. Always catching up. Never getting ahead. If this sounds familiar, take a hard look at how you're spending your time — unwisely.

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  1. My recent research study confirmed many of the suggestions noted here. One thing that was clear from the 170 successful working adults was that there is not one type of workplace for all. Some are great in the morning, some are horrible in the morning. The same thing applies to settings and structure. The bottom line for work environment conditions was that the manager and the employee work together to find the right conditions for the employee to maximize contributions. Stopping hyperfocus through various suggestions in the article may not be the best solution. Many ADHD employees can get so much done during a period of hyperfocus that even if it runs late into the night, it is still valuable. The caveat is that the managers need to acknowledge that work by making adjustments for the work hours the following day. Measuring output by content rather than hours supports the employee to follow their hyperfocus rather than trying to schedule it.

    Here is the link to my dissertation study. I recommend you skip right to chapter 5.


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