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How to Mend a Broken Relationship with Your Child’s School

After a dozen years of advocating for her child, this mom identified five key strategies for working with her son’s school that will work for you, too.

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  1. What to do when teachers dont follow the iep? Dismiss accomodations that help with executive function, like listening to music with headphones quietly when taking tests or quiet work moments in class.teacher instructs my child to remove the headphones right in the middle of a test. She fails the test. Couldn’t focus with the sounds of pencils squeeking and chairs clicking on the floor. I write emails explaining why this is not ok. But 3 years of this teacher doing this to my daughter. Occuring over and over. Teacher needs empathy training for kids who are on the spectrum who rubs him the wrong way. He treats them terribly. But gets away with it despite my emails. Glad we are moving to grade 10. A new school. But fear the same attitude and response from this new school and bunch of teachers.

  2. This past year I was privileged to substitute teach at our local church school. It is multi-grade and totally focused on individualized education. However many of the children have issues with executive function, which impact other students. Instruction groups of 4-6 students by dividing into lower grades 1-4 and upper grades 5-8. Instruction sessions lost 5 minutes just getting everyone where they need to be with what they need (a pencil and maybe a workbook) sessions regularly interrupted with trips down “rabbit holes” and needs to share irrelevant but fun facts. I am not a professional teacher, I am masters prepared nurse practitioner with 50 years experience. The students felt positive at the end of the day but I left the day feeling that I failed to give the students what they needed. I am filled with awe and appreciation for professional educactors.

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