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The Homework System That Really Works

ADHD and homework mix like oil and water. All of the little details — from writing down assignments to remembering due dates — require intense focus and memory. With these routines, teachers and parents can replace after-school tantrums with higher grades.

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  1. marjbishop,

    This isn’t exactly creative, but what we’ve done with our daughter and times tables is to go through all of them, set aside the ones she knows (and the ones she can easily do in her head like the 5s and the 9s), and then only review the ones that are still shaky. Start with only one group at a time. Drill that group with flash cards until he knows them. Repeating the fact while marching can help. Once one group is solid, pull them out of circulation and move on to the next group..

  2. We have come a long way with homework and we are getting great results! Still have a problem with learning times tables and it is really becoming an issue. Does anyone know some creative ways to help him learn them?

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