ADHD in College
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The College Survival Guide for Students with ADHD

ADHD and college — it is a formidable combination. It means continued executive dysfunction, but with more complex schedules with challenging courses; It means delayed social maturity and decision-making skills, with temptations around every corner. In short, ADHD and college is trying. Here are 7 expert strategies devised specifically for college students with attention deficit — and a bright future.

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  1. The only way that I completed high school and two uni degrees was to have a timetable of EVERY hour of EVERY day.

    Start with the classes and include travel time.
    then add in the regular weekly assignments and tutorial preparation and the time to do them
    then add in the large assignments – put them on a whole semester wall calendar.
    >> if you have two large assignments due in the same week, complete one early and hand it in early.
    then fit in cooking, eating, shopping, your one favourite TV show, exercise.
    >> including exercise or sport keeps you fit and awake and as there is a time for it, it does not overlap study.
    Leave gaps for relaxation and a buffer so you can swap work around if there are unplanned events.

    Usually, the first draft of the timetable had large gaps, so fill them with reading and revision.

    I never studied on a Friday evening. At my uni after 6pm on a Friday, there were no classes and the library was closed.

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