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The Heavy, Honest Lived Experiences of ADHD Adults

Impulsivity and inattention are not the most debilitating or noticeable symptoms of ADHD in most adults. Here, ADDitude readers share their greatest impairments, including rejection sensitive dysphoria, emotional dysregulation, poor social skills and working memory, procrastination, low self-esteem, and more.

3 Comments: The Heavy, Honest Lived Experiences of ADHD Adults

  1. I cannot believe how much all the stated comments fits me to a “T!” I am undiagnosed and am scared to approach any Dr. for fear of taking yet another med (depression, anxiety, and blood pressure meds currently) and drug seeking. My Dr. prescribes meds but not easily if they are drugs that people seek in getting high. I do not have a history of abuse but my family members do.
    I am ADHD. There! I just diagnosed myself. Because I do and feel EVERY ONE OF THE THINGS LISTED in this article. I feel like a failure – this pandemic is going to push me to the brink. I just need to do something to address these issues – I do not feel I will prosper without addressing these things that are holding me in it’s grips. Ugh!!
    Just knowing I am not the only one makes me feel a tad better. So overwhelmed. Goodness!

  2. I appreciate this article, as I do this magazine, because it validates that my experiences of this nature are more about ADHD than they are about whatever negative “story” of personal failure I tag onto them each and every time they happen.

  3. As a child I remember the physical sensations I got when I felt ‘fizzy’ but was not allowed to move around in class. It felt like my whole body was surfing with electricity. I almost felt like running away as it was sometimes unbearable. I wonder if others also had/have physical sensations when not able to move freely?

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