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Laugh Off Your ADHD

Adults with ADD who can find humor in their mistakes — at work, in relationships, and in general — often have lower stress levels and bounce back faster from adversity.

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  1. This is one man’s opinion so take it FWIW. Making a joke about ADD/ADHD means that you have to admit it. Your audience, especially your boss, will run to the internet and discover that ADD/ADHD sufferers have an unsettling tendency to say something stupid at awkward moments.

    In my career life I was an engineer for 42 years. I was at least 10 years behind my peers in terms of maturity. I cannot recall ANY instance when this ADD affliction did anything positive for me. I was never offered a management position and my career plateaued. No laugh riot here; this was not funny to me.

    In my social life I once made the mistake of confession to a psychiatrist couple we were trying to develop a close relationship with. They blanched and recoiled. They remain outwardly civil but the friendship we were trying to establish is dead. My wife still berates me over this. No standup comic show here; this was not amusing to me.

    I’m much older than most of you. I have seen a lot and BTDT, so here’s my sage advice, honed by experience:
    * Never publicly admit to having this ADD/ADHD $#!+. If confronted, deny it, even if waterboarded.
    * If you need help, get help and follow the treatment plan.
    * Read ADDitude magazine for encouragement and guidance.

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