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Sometimes, Friendship Is the Best Medicine

Medication and counseling can help treat ADHD symptoms, but, for many adults, having a good friend is the best alternative treatment.

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  1. What’s wrong with zero friends? Im very tired of the massive amount of former friends I use to have. I have met them all. The liar, the dramatic one, the busy bee, the one who forget about you completely, the depressed one, the very high energy-one, the mother and so on. Its so much more simple to be just alone! Yep. I mean it.

    1. From personal experience I can tell you that for many men it’s even more difficult to make and retain friends, especially later in life – with or without ADHD. I was diagnosed in my mid-50s, and I’ve deliberately lost touch with the two fellas I considered friends (though looking back honestly and knowing what I know now, I never felt that close a bond with them). Knowing them was more like a habit. The funny thing is that I’m not at all lonely. Just terribly tired of my own company and bored.

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