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6 Secrets to Goal Setting with ADHD

What’s the secret to achieving your personal goals with ADHD? In my work as a therapist over the last 15 years, I have found that these six skill sets have an outsized influence — learn to master them, and reach for a future that aligns with your dreams.

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  1. That Clifton Strengths assessment takes 1 hour, so realistically 3 hours.
    Also for anyone struggling to read these long articles, try speechify extension for chrome.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Honos-Webb. This is exactly what I needed to know (back from the podcast). I am following other guidance (with my ADHS, I am REALLY good at finding the best sources i.e. people and their books), and have found that they all support your six steps.

    Still I sympathize with the responders who said that they have trouble writing things out or finding time for that. Will my goal right now be to do some goal setting, downchunked to just getting out a notebook and a pen each day? How will I ever learn if my calendar has three empty months and the notebook as well? I have not found a minimal action that would work to build upon.

    Should I live with the fact that I only manage some different little things each day? Some days, I brush my teeth. Some days I fast. Some days I turn on an exercise video and follow through halfheartedly. Some days, I open my notebook and see some things I wanted to do and did not. Some days, I read a book. A whole book. Some days, I write resposes in the middle of the night.

    I did the strength questionnaire and found I am creative. But I have not made any art for twenty years, although I have inherited my family’s paints and easels, because I am the artist in the family in my generation, maybe the last. I am also the scientist in the family after my father’s death. What help are all these gifts if I have squandered them? No employer is interested in my skills if I say things out loud and can’t read the room.

    I should mention that I am 64. I have managed to have a rather interesting life (interesting to me, but who cares?) and to function well enough to pay my bills, but consistently underachieving, no children, no job satisfaction, nobody will come to my funeral. I have considered joining a temple or a convent, but even there they won’t have me because I can’t keep their schedule or their serenity, I talk out of place, and disrespect others because I don’t get what they’re about.

    Thank you for your positivity, and I’m trying to learn from it.

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