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A Letter to My Child Without ADHD

It can be hard sometimes, being the sibling of a child with ADHD, but know your parents love you even when we're paying attention to other things.

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  1. Thank you for putting in words what my heart feels every day.
    I too have felt SO guilty about this situation.
    My ADHD boy (14) and my daugther (9) are now in the Pre-teen/teenager phase.

    For years, they got along so well and respected each another…but hormones are taking over and the past year has become hard to guide them properly so to speak.

    ADHD has a way to change your child to be impulsive with words towards siblings in a way that, as a parent, it’s hard to protect the younger one from it every minute and educate the older one to see the impact it has on the other.

    I know it’s a phase… It’s just a new one we will have to steer trough.

    Thank you again.

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