Auditory Processing Disorder
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Could Your Child Have Auditory Processing Disorder?

Does your child struggle to block out background noise, follow conversations or pronounce words correctly? Is she hypersensitive to sound? She may have an auditory processing disorder in addition to (or mistaken for) ADHD.

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  1. I’m very interested in the webinar–but webinars are NOT user-friendly for someone with APD. I would much prefer to read a transcript afterwards. Please consider providing such for your webinars in future.

  2. this has always been a problem for me.

    When at work in an office with people chatting, I use Big Yellow Industrial Ear Protectors.
    Sometimes, I add instrumental music.
    When people see the ear protectors, they stay away, unless they really have to talk with me.

    At home, I put on music, preferably instrumental.
    This does two things:
    – enables me to concentrate
    – stops my mind wandering when doing a boring task.

    At school and at university, I never tried to complete a task in the class room to a high standard. Instead, I wrote notes and drafted an outline, sketched a rough diagram, and so on. Then finished it quietly at home

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