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10 Myths About School Laws for ADHD Services

Do you know what special education services a child with ADHD is entitled to? Who must evaluate the child? When the school can refuse to comply with a 504 Plan or IEP laws? If not, read this.

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  1. Under Section 504, students with ADHD (and other disabilities) are entitled to accommodations and may also be entitled to specialized educational services (such as individual instruction or tutoring) and related services (such as counseling)
    Where do we find the evidence to back up this statement in a 504 meeting?

  2. Can you please direct me to where I can find the referenced Department of Education Policy Statement that a medical diagnosis is not legally required if a school team has adequate data to classify the condition? Thank You

  3. If we were going to argue these points with our child’s school. Where do we find the “legal talking points “ Because saying I read it in an online magazine won’t get our child services.

  4. My son has had an IEP for a couple of years now. It wasn’t until last year in the IEP meeting when I suggested that he be moved to main stream classes and be removed for resource room for math and reading and writing that I learned how far behind he was in comparison to his grade level. He was in a condensed class room with no homework and no expectations from his teachers. Now that he’s main stream I can see how behind he is. I feel like he needs to be placed in a school that will provide him with more opportunity to learn such as a special needs school. Would the public school he’s currently in be required to pay the tuition for the specialty school because of their lack of providing him with appropriate education? My son is in fourth grade and his teachers cal weekly to tell me how much he is struggling and that he will never survive in middle school at this rate and I don’t know what else to do but to remove him from the school.

  5. My son’s 8th grade teacher recently told him that he doesn’t belong to be in the normal school with normal kids and now he is saying he wants to punch her in the face 2 days later he gets brought home by the police bc he and other kids were throwing rocks at a hotel 6 this is a all in the last week I really don’t know what to do it’s starting to feel impossible… What can I do? Advice.

    1. In the US, the majority of private schools are not subject to special education laws.

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