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Methylphenidate: ADHD Medication Overview

Brand Names: Concerta, Ritalin, Jornay PM, Aptensio XR, Metadate CD, Methylin, Quillivant XR Methylphenidate is a stimulant ADHD medication available in many formulations used to treat symptoms of ADHD and ADD in children and adults.

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  1. Literally started Ritalin today along with L-Theanine But guys im curious I’m just not feeling a bit the dopamine where when I text I usually know what to text ahead of time any of you guys had that feeling felt like a text master

  2. Hey Guys so started taking L-Theanine with Ritalin everything is good so far but just noticed I’m not feeling the slight effect where I usually know what to text ahead of time just curious the dopamine has anybody gone through this just curious

  3. I would love to figure out a way to post a topic on here but cant figure it out. Any how I started taking ritalin back in 1988 when it was the real deal made by Sandoz.
    I took it from age 15 until the age 23 and started taking it again at age 41.
    A lot has change in that time.

    Closest thing to the real deal Sandoz for me has been KVK believe it or not. I tried the activas and did not care for it, For a couple of years I would chase down the KVK ritalin to different pharmacies each month, but that has become ridiculous. CVS seems to have the KVK brand in stock but since CVS has been dropped by BCBS, so paying out of pocket for KVK brand ritalin was close to $100 dollars each month. For a while I was getting by using good RX but now most pharmacies tell me they cannot accept good rx because ritalin is a schedule 2 controlled substance, that never made much sense to me.

    Anyhow recently I have given in to big Pharma and decided to go ahead and get the Mallinckrodt brand ritalin.
    The reviews I have read in the past have always seemed to rub me the wrong way.

    KVK brand ritalin pills look like the old Sandoz brand and have similar characteristics in regard to how the pill dissolves and its over all effect on my brain.

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    Ill give the Mallinckrodt brand a try in the next few days but for any reason it does not feel right then I will just stop using it.

    Hope this helps

    If anyone knows of a way to post in the forums please pass it along to me for I might have some good input on the matter of ritalin since I have been taking it for so long.

  4. My son has been taking a combination of Methylphenidate ER 20mg capsules and a Methylphenidate 5mg tablet for the past 2 years. Prior to that we tried supplements (didn’t work), modifying his diet (didn’t work) and enforcing a strict schedule (also didn’t work). Being a pharmacist I was adamant I didn’t want him on medication but it was such a struggle to get him to focus and after everything else failed we decide to give it a try. First we tried several different strengths of Vyvanse and he was a zombie. That’s when I did my own research and talked to the pediatrician. The 20mg ER in the morning and the 5mg in the evening are exactly what he needs. In the heart 2 years we have seen such tremendous growth, I’m amazed.

  5. I was on Strattera in high school and it never worked properly for me, after high school I switched to Methylphenidate and I’ve been on it for the past 7 years. I find that it is much more helpful than the Strattera but I’ve recently had to up my dosage. I do worry about the body being able to ‘get used’ to it, but my doctor assures me that it can’t, but instead my life has become more hectic which requires more focus. I’m not sure. The side effects are definitely the loss of appetite but I also find I’m not thirsty at all during the day. Dehydration and poor nutrition need to be looked after while taking these meds. Also the lack of sleep, it is almost impossible to sleep if you are taking at least 54mg/day while the pill is in your system. Takes about 11 hours I find until it wears off enough to sleep and eat properly.

    I would suggest it if you can’t find relief from non-stimulants, but just watch for the side effects and if you are starting to ‘get used to’ them.

  6. Just three years ago at 49, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD. I started on a 4 hour dose of 10 mg. Within six months I upped my dosage to 20 mg and noticed a very good improvement with focus and concentration, as well as a marked decrease in anxiety. I then switched to 20 mg Ritalin LA to help me get through the day better. And when I learned I could take two doses a day, I found my life improved even more. Now I take the first dose the minute I wake up, and then an alarm on my phone goes off at 1:30 pm to remind me to take my second dose. My brain is much more calm, focused, I have very little anxiety (and when I do feel it creeping up I check my watch to see if it’s close to the time for my second dose), and I manage my emotions better than ever. I have no trouble sleeping, no side effects and no problems on my current dosage.

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