Remembering Medications

“I am a 26-year-old diabetic with ADHD. How can I learn not to forget my supplies and to remember to test my blood sugar? It’s becoming such a source of conflict between my fiancee and I that I get afraid I’m going to lose her because of my carelessness and mistakes.”

Have a special case “ready to go” packed with all the supplies you need and always keep it in the same place. If some of the supplies need to be refrigerated, keep the case in the refrigerator. Don’t wait until supplies run out to get more.

Put a note on the dashboard of your car to remember to stop at the pharmacy on the way home from work, then walk out to the car to put the note there. The extra steps will be well worth the effort.

If the supplies have an expiration date, record it in your appointment book (or on a calendar where you will see it). Give yourself enough time to refill if this requires a prescription, or a phone call to the doctor. If losing the case is a problem, try a fanny pack.

You may be scared you are going to lose her due to your mistakes and carelessness, but she may be VERY scared of losing you if you do not take care of your blood sugar.

Bringing your supplies with you needs to become more habitual, not only for your health, but your fiancee’s peace of mind, so try putting a sign by your door that says… “The fanny pack… Don’t leave home with out it!” Many of us need visual reminders and a sign by the door may be just the trick you need to keep you on track.