Reading Problems

“Reading is difficult for my daughter. We have tried different strategies but she still struggles. She seems to be in such a hurry and is not taking the time to actually see the word. There is no closure — she is leaving out “ing” or “ed.” She is also seeing the first 3 letters and guessing the rest of the word. Is this a characteristic of ADD? As she gets into the higher grades there is a concern because she must read the words properly to understand any questions. Any input would be appreciated.”

Reading can be an issue for ADHD children. They often forget phonetic patterns in words, or impulsively read through the section too quickly to comprehend what they have just read.

You can also have a severe reading disorder along with ADHD. Scientists call this a co-morbid condition. Make sure your daughter’s reading style has been well reviewed and evaluated by a learning disability reading specialist or diagnostic specialist. These trained professionals can help you see exactly where the disorder occurs and give you and your daughter ways to cope with it.

Read to your daughter, encourage her reading of materials she has high interest in and spend time every weekend together playing word games and doing small dose, high interest reading activities like Scrabble and reading comic books. All of these things will pay off.