Re-entering the Work Force: ADHD Career Advice

“I was the typical ADHD student who never lived up to my potential, then job-hopped and never settled on a career (and my résumé shows it). Eventually, I just focused on raising my kids. But now my youngest is leaving home soon – how can I get back into the work force?”

Many ADDers have faced a similar challenge of putting a positive spin on a spotty résumé. A career counselor or an ADHD coach can help you review your work history. You will probably discover that projects you’ve worked on or jobs you’ve held, even briefly, provided you with real skills that you can present to prospective employers. For example, did you ever volunteer for your kids’ schools? Fundraising or clerical work for community events or schools builds skills that are applicable to the fields of development, publicity, and sales. As you search for the right career, you may consider taking a part-time or volunteer position that will allow you to further develop your skills and make the transition to full-time work smoother.