Problematic Internet Use Test

My child’s online use negatively affects their grades in school.

My child loses sleep at night due to Internet use.

My child feels anxious when they’re away from the Internet.

My child struggles with in-person communication due to their Internet use.

My child experiences increased social anxiety because of their Internet use.

My child avoids other activities – even important ones, like homework – to stay online.

My child misses opportunities to create real-life friendships because of the Internet.

My child’s family and peer relationships suffer because of their Internet use.

My child prefers to socialize online instead of in-person.

My child says they’re online too much.

My child feels vulnerable when online access isn’t available.

My child becomes irritable and angry if they are unable to go online.

My child puts Internet use first over most things.

My child skips out on social events in favor of spending more time online.

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