Symptom Tests for Adults

Nonverbal Learning Disorder Symptom Test for Adults

Could your social anxiety, lack of humor, and stubborn schedules suggest a nonverbal learning disorder (NLD)? Take this quick self-test to better understand the symptoms of NLD vs. ADHD.

Do I Have Nonverbal Learning Disorder?

Nonverbal learning disorder is a little-known condition that is characterized by visual/spatial challenges, motor difficulties, and trouble understanding nonverbal information — body language, innuendos, and abstract concepts. It’s not fully understood — and isn’t currently listed in the DSM — but it can affect anyone of any age, and can cause life-long problems if left untreated.

Adults with nonverbal learning disorder may experience symptoms such as the following:

  • Often accused of being “too literal”
  • Anxious in social situations
  • Trouble reading maps or interpreting charts
  • A “homebody;” little interest in exploring the world or doing new things
  • Trouble dealing with change or unexpected setbacks, like a traffic jam

If you think you may be struggling with NLD, seek a diagnosis as soon as possible. Begin by taking the results of this self-test to your doctor or a neuropsychologist, who can help you sort out whether the symptoms you’re experiencing align with those of NLD.

This screener is designed to determine whether you show symptoms similar to those of nonverbal learning disorder, but it is not a diagnostic tool. A high score does not mean you have NLD. Only a trained healthcare professional can make a diagnosis through clinical evaluation. If you have concerns about possible NLD see a health or education professional. This screener is for personal use only.

Created from criteria from the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

Do you find it hard to learn the rules to card or board games?

Are you told that you talk too much, or share too much private information?

Do you get lost easily?

Do you miss deadlines or arrive late for work? 

Do you leave work undone because you didn’t follow all of the necessary steps?

Do you become disoriented when a familiar place, like the grocery store, gets rearranged or altered in some way?

Do you have difficulty holding a pen, tying your shoes, or holding small objects?

When writing, do you have trouble organizing your thoughts or getting to the point?

Can you read a lot of information quickly, but struggle to answer questions about what you read?

Have you ever been told that you ask too many questions or interrupt too much? 

Do you have a special routine for waking up, going to bed, or eating a meal that you stick to at all costs?

Do you find it hard to read maps or diagrams?

Are you anxious in social situations, even if you know the people around you?

Do you have trouble understanding when your friends or family members are pulling your leg? Are you accused of being “too literal” or “unable to take a joke?”

Do you get upset when an unexpected traffic jam, spill, or other negative event occurs?

Have you been called a “homebody” for your tendency to shun new experiences or avoid traveling to unknown places?

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