Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test

I am motivated to do things by the promise of gaining the admiration and positive attention of others.

I generally do not feel a strong compulsion to do favors for others.

I expect other people to do favors for me.

I feel best when other people to take notice of and applaud my accomplishments.

I am often told that I take advantage of others.

People often complain that I do not realize that they are upset, or that I otherwise ignore or disregard their feelings.

Others consider me stuck up.

I think I accomplish far more than others tend to give me credit for.

I often reflect on my accomplishments and fantasize about my future endeavors.

I think most people are jealous of me.

I’m told that I don’t react well – at all – to criticism.

I believe that only certain, special people can truly appreciate and understand me.

I envy those who get lucky and succeed regardless of work or merit.

I am special and important in a unique way. I have outstanding qualities that few others possess.

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