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ADD Symptom Test for Adults

Symptoms of ADD in adults can show up as lack of motivation, procrastination, and difficulty sustaining attention. Inattentive ADHD can cause problems with relationships, finances, and work. And it is absolutely worth diagnosing — and treating — at any age. Start with this free online ADD symptom test.

I start a chore or project at home and then move on to a different task, leaving many chores and projects partially complete. I have a variety of unfinished tasks laying around my house.

When given similar tasks at work, I take longer than my coworkers do to complete assignments.

When involved in something that I find interesting, I may lose track of time or have a hard time pulling myself away, even when I have other obligations.

My mind drifts when I am talking to someone, and I often find that I have missed parts of the conversation.

I have lost jobs because of chronic tardiness.

I procrastinate, especially when the project I need to do will require a sustained mental effort, such as paying bills, balancing the checking account, or doing taxes.

People in my life – parents, teachers, and bosses – describe me as an underachiever. They may say I lack drive, call me a couch potato, or say that I am lazy.

I seem unprepared because I forget or lose things like my keys, cell phone, and wallet.

I change jobs often — either because I become bored with the job or because I am fired due to tardiness or not completing tasks.

I get hit with late fees on my credit cards and/or utility payments more often than I would like to admit.

People complain that I don’t remember things they told me or that I don’t seem to listen when they talk to me.

My friends have told me an artificially early time for dinner reservations or lunch dates because I am always late.

I forget doctor’s appointments, meetings for work, or plans with friends. I have been told that if it is important, I will remember, but that doesn’t seem to be true.

I am easily distracted by activity around me at work. I work better in quiet, private environments.

My boss or coworkers have commented that I seem disinterested in the work I am doing and am often staring into space when I should be working.

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