Histrionic Personality Disorder

I tend to act on impulse and seek instant gratification.

I take pride in my physical appearance and spend lots of time and energy on clothes and grooming.

People accuse me of faking my emotions and feelings.

I typically take relationships more seriously than do my partners.

I’m told that I have a flair for the dramatic.

I often and easily change my opinions based on what others say and do.

I do not like to stick to a routine. I crave novelty and excitement.

I'm told that I “fish for compliments” about my physical appearance.

I find myself fabricating, exaggerating, or embellishing stories to make myself and/or my stories seem more interesting to others.

I feel uncomfortable and upset when people don’t pay attention to me.

My emotional reactions are stronger and more exaggerated than those of most people I know.

I am accused of being too provocative and/or acting in inappropriate, sexually suggestive manners.

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