Symptom Tests

Executive Function Disorder Symptom Test

Executive function deficit is not synonymous with ADHD, but its symptoms overlap in significant ways. Take this self-test and share its results with a specialist to determine if you’re experiencing executive dysfunction.

Do you have difficulty figuring out what is most important or what you should start with given a list of things to do?

Do you have trouble completing multiple-step tasks and moving from one task to another?

Do you struggle to get a handle on clutter? Does your personal space get messy with piles of papers and miscellaneous items?

Do you become absorbed in things or tasks that interest you—sometimes to the point of forgetting about people around you or other obligations?

Do you become frustrated when things don’t go as planned and can you quickly become angry?

Do you start tasks with enthusiasm but lose interest quickly?

Do you find it hard to do things that aren't necessary or highly stimulating?

Are you easily distracted by things you see or hear?

Do you waste time trying to decide what to do first?

Do you say “I will do it later” and then forget all about it?

Do you have trouble getting started or initiating tasks?

Do you forget appointments and do you typically run late?

Do you forget things, even when they are important to you?

Do you have trouble following conversations because you are distracted or because you are trying to remember what you wanted to say?

At least once a day do you lose or misplace items—for example, keys, wallet, purse, or a cell phone?

Do you let go of anger as quickly as it came?

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