Borderline Personality Disorder Test for Adults

I go to great lengths to get reassurance from people close to me that they won’t abandon me. (E.g, I call someone to hear that they care; I literally beg people not to leave me)

I find it difficult to trust other people and their intentions.

I worry that loved ones — family, friends, and romantic partners — are on the verge of rejecting me.

I feel chronic “emptiness” and boredom.

Things around me feel unreal. Sometimes, I feel as if I’m not real.

I get extremely upset when a friend is late to meet up with me or cancels plans at the last minute.

I struggle with anger and tend to act in a sarcastic, irritable manner.

I engage in self-harm (cutting, punching, burning, etc.) when I’m upset and/or think about suicide.

I struggle with binge eating, impulsive spending, excessive drinking, gambling, risky sexual behaviors, and/or controlling verbal outbursts.

I fight and argue (and break up) with those closest to me.

I question if I know who I am and what makes me “me.” I’m unsure of my identity and values.

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