Avoidant Personality Disorder Test

I tend to open up to others only if I’m positive they’ll like and accept me – unconditionally.

In social situations, I often worry that I don’t understand the “rules” and that I come off as awkward.

I worry about blushing or crying in front of others in response to criticism.

People tell me that I’m too shy and quiet.

I fantasize about being accepted and forming strong, trusting friendships and relationships.

I am often preoccupied with being criticized and/or rejected in social situations.

I often fear embarrassing myself in front of others.

I often pass up opportunities, such as job promotions or competitions, that would expose me to evaluation and judgment from others.

I avoid activities where I have to interact with lots of people, especially strangers.

I am quick to pick up on subtle signs of mockery or derision from others.

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