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[Quiz] How Seriously Do You Procrastinate?

How bad is your tendency to procrastinate? We all put things off, but if procrastination is affecting your life, the first step is to understand your own behavior and ADHD brain.

How do you stop procrastinating? First, assess the situations and ways in which you put things off. Is it when you feel overwhelmed? Bored? Unsure of next steps? Take this self-test to gauge your level of procrastination, and to get a clear view of exactly when and how you're most likely to punt.

Even when I have a really important deadline, I start working at the very last minute.

I have a tendency to delay finishing things, even when I know they are important.

My to-do list contains the same items for days on end. I just don't get around to doing them.

When I'm working, I waste time by checking my email or social media sites.

When I go to bed at night, I am stressed about all the things that I did not accomplish during the day.

When there's something important that needs to be done, I tend to find other things to do and waste time.

I start new projects, but I often don't finish them.

I vow to start earlier, but I end up shopping for birthday or Christmas presents in a last-minute rush.

I pay bills at the last minute or even after they are due.

I have difficulty getting out of the house on time in the morning.

When I'm asked to RSVP to an event, I tend to wait rather than respond promptly.

I make plans to meet friends or attend events at the last minute.

When traveling, I arrive at the airport at the very last moment.

I am late to appointments or events.

I return phone calls days after I received them — or even not at all.

Important decisions are stressful, so I avoid making them for as long as possible.

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