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[Quiz] ADHD Myth or ADHD Reality? Check the Facts About ADHD.

When it comes to attention deficit, there are myths and misinformation abound. Test your ADHD IQ here.

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When it comes to attention deficit, misinformation, myths, and stereotypes abound. Find out whether you know the truth about ADHD here.


  1. My Aha moment was as I was doing a quiz to see if my eldest son has ADHD. I was sitting with my partner, reading the questions out loud so he could give his opinion too, but halfway through the quiz he burst out laughing and said ‘Umm are you sure this quiz is about Connor, because every question you ask is 100% you!
    All my life I’ve been disorganized, impulsive, flighty, emotional, predictably unpredictable, messy and ALWAYS late. Yes, I have merely scraped the surface in my description….lol. I have always felt a little odd like an outcast, and sooooo misunderstood, yet I’ve always been relatively popular and well loved. Those who I am close to or have known for a long time just say “We all love you very much, but you’re so bloody frustrating you drive us nuts!” Little did I know that it’s actually me whose not the full quid! I didn’t think girls got ADHD, though I new without a shadow of doubt that something inside of me just wasn’t quite right, I just believed that I was lazy, selfish, stupid (I am NOT stupid!) and I had to try harder!
    I’m 48 years old, I’ve been ‘trying harder’ to get things right my whole life, and guess what? I can’t! I just can’t do things like everyone else can.
    I had a breakdown last year and I became a hermit. I’ve only recently started speaking to my family but I still haven’t reached out to my friends. I started having panic attacks and I spent all the money I’d got from the sale of my house on crap and survival, until one day it ran out.
    I spent nearly 4 months in virtual solitary confinement and within that time I learnt a lot about myself. The scariest and most heartbreaking thing I learnt was that if I’m not in a position where I HAVE to look after my children, or anyone else, and only have myself to tend to…I cannot function! I gradually surrounded myself in chaotic mess, I’d forget to eat or I’d eat the wrong stuff, I rarely answered my phone unless it was one of my kids and I just let go of all hope.
    That’s when I knew, without a shadow of doubt, I had ADHD or something within the autism spectrum. I went to the local doctor, asked him about ADHD and for a referral to a psychiatrist, but he requested a once off visit to the psychiatrist and said I should just keep coming back to see him!!!! But he had already told me he knew very little about ADHD because he didn’t fully believe it was an actual thing. I was mortified and gobsmacked, so I picked up the referral letter and walked out.
    That was 6 months ago. I live in the bush almost and there’s no one here who treats ADHD, do I still haven’t actually been diagnosed with anything beyond depression and anxiety and menopause.
    Guess I’m just lazy and stupid 🤔

  2. Can I say this? Me too!!! I am 59, have ALL the symptoms (and a DOUBLE dose of some of them) past menopause now – only survived THAT through the constant love and attention of a fantastic hubby (xx Jim) i seem always on the point of self-destruction, fighting with everyone, crying non-stop, unable to complete even the simplest tasks, never EVER on time… And too afraid to go anywhere NEAR a psychiatrist after they reduced me to a virtual vegetables as a teenager with high-dose ect + max levels antidepressants and anti-psycchotics. None of which i responded to. Sometimes I feel i’m just existing, waiting to die. An embarrassment to my children, they only tolerate me cos they love their dad so much..

    1. Oh Mary, I feel your pain. My eyes are prickling with tears already. I’m so glad you have a wonderful hubby (thanks Jim) lol, (I think you said Jim, but may have read that wrong…oops and sorry if I did. Anyway…
      So you survived menopause? I think I’m starting to go through that now and was wondering if it makes the horrible ADHD symptoms worse?
      And yes I hear you about the kids. My youngest is 15 and I actually rely on him sometimes to point me in the right direction. I too was prescribed antidepressants, but I didn’t take them for long because they made my whole body sort of buzz or something!
      However I have just (yesterday) been to the doctors (different doctor than the first time) and had a referral written for me to see a psychiatrist.
      It took several encouraging texts, followed by threats, lol, for me to actually call the psychiatrist to make an appointment… and now have to wait for them to call me with a time! Great, but what if I miss the call and forget to call back???
      Oh Mary it’s hell isnt it? Do any of your kids have it, or a ‘strain’ of it showing up in other ways?
      My eldest son most definitely has the SAM problems as me, but where I burst into tears, he says he feels like there’s a volcano erupting inside of him.
      We often call each other when we have our ‘grand ideas’ or if we’ve had a rough day because we talk the same language; a language no one else seems to understand.
      I also have a nephew who has been medically diagnosed and my brother has asked if this nephew can come and live with me because all they do is clash. I said yes of course, but you KNOW what I’m like, and if you’re expecting me to set rules and regulations then think twice about what your asking!
      Anyway I want to hear about you Mary, and your life if that’s ok? I had no idea you’d actually commented, I accidentally scrolled to the bottom of the page and was surprised (nicely) to see your post!
      If you’d like my email is [email protected] or if I remember 😁 I’ll check back here to see if you’ve posted again.
      Thank you so very much for sharing with me,
      Cheers Sally.

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