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Quick Tips: Get Organized for School

These three pointers will help you and your child get – and stay – organized at school.

Buy school supplies in triplicate.

Kids with attention problems tend to lose things. So get a set of supplies each for home, backpack, and supply cabinet. Stock up on rulers, tape, pens, and three-ring binders (they constantly break).

Keep a checklist in your supply cabinet so your child can check off items he takes that need to be replaced.

Create a portable office.

It’s challenging to keep a child on task if she jumps up every two seconds to sharpen her pencil. Fill a tackle box or art-supply bin with school supplies. This way your child has everything she needs, wherever she studies. There’ll be fewer homework interruptions; and the box is easily packed up for tomorrow.

Set up a backpack routine.

Before bedtime, sign any notes and have your child pack his backpack. Every Friday or Sunday, go through the backpack to organize the past week’s residual papers and prepare for the week ahead.