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WatchMinder3 – Vibrating Reminder Watch

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    Does your child forget daily chores or medications? Require constant reminders and checklists? The stylish WatchMinder2 personal assistant looks like a sports wristwatch, so your child won’t mind wearing it to school. Even better, you can set a silent, vibrating alarm to go off every 20 minutes during class, as well as pre-programmed messages like PYATTN (“pay attention”), MEDS, or RELAX. The vibrating alarm can help nudge your child out of his daydreams — at least for a few minutes. There’s also a mode for 30 daily reminders for things like taking medication or doing homework. The watch is rechargeable and you can create your own personal messages.

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    What is the WatchMinder?The WatchMinder is a simple wristwatch that can easily be programmed to set up discreet vibrating reminders throughout one’s day. Invented by a child psychologist, the WatchMinder was designed to aid children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (AD/HD) and others with special needs in staying focused, managing their time, and modifying their thoughts and behaviors.

    How is the WatchMinder different than other watches or PDAs?
    It Vibrates! – Because a beeping reminder can be disruptive in the classroom or workplace, the WatchMinder was designed with a unique vibration system which allows the watch to discreetly cue the user with a light vibration on the wrist.
    Interval Training Mode! – In addition to allowing the user to program set reminders throughout one’s day, the WatchMinder can be concurrently programmed to discreetly cue the user on set time intervals. For example: “PAT ATTN” every 15 minutes throughout the school day.

    It’s Simple and Programmable! – Unlike many high-tech watches and PDA’s which require a computer to program, the WatchMinder features simple on-screen programming. The WatchMinder is appropriate for all ages and can be worn discreetly in the classroom.

    Key Features:
    Sports watch for all wrist sizes – perfect for children, teens and adults
    Rechargeable battery (charger included)
    Easy on-screen programming
    65 pre-programmed messages to chose from with 30 daily recurring alarms
    Helpful training and reminder modes
    Vibrating alert with “snooze repeat” feature

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