“Understanding Your ADHD” with Edward Hallowell, M.D.


In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn how to create an effective ADHD treatment plan, why an attention deficit diagnosis impacts your friends and family, and more with Edward Hallowell, M.D.


INSTANT ACCESS! In this audio webinar presentation of “Understanding Your ADHD,” Edward Hallowell, M.D., discusses:

  • Why ADHD impacts more than just the individual
  • How to make a plan for treatment that will be best for you
  • The different facets of an ADHD diagnosis

Meet the expert: Dr. Edward Hallowell is a practicing psychiatrist and founder of the Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health in Massachusetts, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle.

A former instructor of Harvard Medical School, he is the author of 20 books, including the bestsellers: ADD: Driven to DistractionDelivered from DistractionCrazyBusy, and most recently, Driven to Distraction at Work. Dr. Hallowell has ADHD himself.


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