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Time Timer Original 8 Inch, 60 Minute Visual Analog Timer


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    By Time Timer

    The Original Visual Time Timer 8” is an ideal 60 minute timer for small to medium groups, can stand alone or hang on the wall and is perfect for meetings, presentations, classrooms and student testing.

    • No loud ticking, no distractions, no setup required. One (1) AA battery required. Not included.
    • Optional audible signal when time is up. (On/Off Switch).
    • Easy-to-read numbers and a high-contrast red disk.
    • Desktop or wall-mountable.
    • Compatible with the Visual Schedule Kit, 8 inch.
    • This item is recognized by Able Play – a rating system from the National Lekotek Center that focuses on the developmental areas of physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive, and social-emotional abilities of a child.
  • Full Product Description

    Make every moment count with the 8 inch Original Time Timer. This 60-minute visual timer has helped people manage time for over 20 years. It’s simple: when the red is gone, time is up – making life’s routines easy and productive! Designed to help manage the age-old question, “how much longer,” the Time Timer reinforces the concept of elapsed time better than any other tool.

    To use the 8 inch Original Time Timer, move the red disk into position and the timer is set. As time expires, the red disk disappears moving in a clockwise direction. The 8 inch Original Time Timer has an on/off optional alert which helps reinforce when time is up. The alert can be turned off for silent work environments. Two foldable feet can be used to stand the Timer on a flat surface, or alternatively the Timer can be hung on the wall and out of reach from tiny fingers!

    No ticking – no distractions! The 8 inch Original Time Timer is a great way to promote efficient time management and focused concentration for individuals or medium to large groups at work, school, and home.


    8 reviews for Time Timer Original 8 Inch, 60 Minute Visual Analog Timer

    1. ADDitude reader

      The Time Timer helps at home because it allows my son to SEE time passing by and he tries to beat the clock when completing a task and he can carry it around with him.

    2. ADDitude reader

      I love the Time Timer! It’s so easy for the kids to understand. We set it and they can follow it on their own.

    3. ADDitude reader

      We use the Time Timer for homework; reading time; screen time. My daughter likes to be able have the image of how much time she has left. This helps minimize emotional breakdowns & leaves me free to stop nagging-my daughter is more self-reliant with the Time Timer.

    4. ADDitude reader

      The Time Timer has helped me a great deal. It’s a wonderful visual so that my child and my students can manage their time. It’s so easy to use that many students want to set the timer for me.

    5. ADDitude reader

      I use the time timer for my son with school work/reading. It allows him to stay focused on his work and reading because he knows how long he has to focus. He is able to get through a book now.

    6. ADDitude reader

      Time Timer helps our son guage time for a task and for transitioning from say playtime to bedtime.

    7. ADDitude reader

      Time Timer is a wonderful way of children to visually monitor their time. Its particularly helpful in everyday tasks, like getting ready for school, completing homework in a given period of time. Children enjoy the challenge to see if they can beat the timer, enabling focus on the task, task completion, and positive reinforcement.

    8. ADDitude reader

      Time Timer is the BEST!! Keeps me focused, keeps my child happy b/c she can see that she just needs to hang in there a little longer, then feels great that she could do it!

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