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The Complete IEP/504 Guide


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    This downloadable eBook is a step-by-step road map to securing school accommodations for your child with ADHD and/or LD. Learn how to:

    • Secure a correct diagnosis for your child
    • Navigate the IEP or 504 process
    • Draft an IEP or 504 that will help your child succeed in school
    • Track your child’s progress against goals
    • Learn about your rights as a parent and how to respond if the IEP isn’t followed

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is delivered as a downloadable PDF, MOBI file for Kindle, and ePub file for iBook; it does not ship.

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    If you’ve watched your child with ADHD or learning disabilities struggle in school, you know how important it is to get him the help he needs. But many parents aren’t sure how to…

    • Request an assessment from the school
    • Prepare for an IEP or 504 meeting
    • Choose the most effective accommodations
    • Draft a comprehensive IEP or 504 Plan with the team
    • Request a due-process hearing to ensure compliance
    • Review and reassess the IEP or 504 Plan each year

    The Complete IEP/504 Guide eBook presents a step-by-step plan, filled with expert advice and concrete tips, to secure the services and accommodations that will help your child thrive.


    The Complete IEP/504 Guide will help you navigate the 12 steps to securing educational services and classroom accommodations for your child. How-to guides include:

    DOCUMENT WARNING SIGNS How to compile documents that substantiate your child’s poor grades, behavior citations, and hurt feelings.

    REQUEST A SCHOOL ASSESSMENT Navigate the first step of the IEP or 504 process by formally asking the school to assess your child’s eligibility.

    PREPARE FOR YOUR IEP MEETING How to profile your child’s difficulties and strengths, and take the lead in the meeting.

    RESEARCH ACCOMMODATIONS Pick and choose from proven classroom and homework strategies recommended by real parents of ADHD children.

    DRAFT IEP OR 504 PLAN Agree on your child’s current performance, develop detailed goals, and identify the services that will help him meet them.

    TRACK PROGRESS AGAINST GOALS Follow up with teachers on how the accommodations are going, and give feedback on your child’s progress.

    “Every child deserves to be given the tools to succeed in school, and every parent deserves to know his or her rights and responsibilities.”

    BONUS: 40 Accommodations That Work Includes an in-depth inventory of targeted accommodations to request in your child’s IEP or 504 Plan to address specific ADHD or LD behaviors, such as losing focus in class, incomplete assignments, interrupting, misplacing homework, and more.

    BONUS: Sample IEP/504 and Letters It helps to know what you’re asking for, but what exactly does an IEP or a 504 Plan look like? This eBook contains samples of both, as well as a letter you can adapt to request the initial educational evaluation for your child.

    Make Next School Year a Successful One — ORDER THE eBOOK NOW!

    Securing services and accommodations through an IEP or 504 Plan is a complicated process, and it takes time. But you can ensure that your child enters the next school year on a level playing field if you act now. Order The Complete IEP/504 Guide today and take the first step to school success.

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is a downloadable PDF and ePub file; it does not ship.

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