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Soft Glow Silent Timer

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    The Soft Glow Silent Timer helps children develop persistence and complete tasks that require concentration. It is also a useful behavior-management tool. Its soft glowing light can be seen from all angles and features time settings ranging from 1 to 30 minutes. Use this portable timer to manage time-outs, encourage task completion, and to build endurance for chores or non-preferred school activities. The Soft Glow Silent Timer is ideal for children with anxiety about timed tasks. Children with special needs or hearing impairment will benefit from the soft glow and silent, passive signal that time is up.

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    Teaching children to manage their time independently can be a challenge. Traditional timers use buzzers that interrupt work time, and flashing lights and countdown clocks can be stress-inducing. The Soft Glow Silent Timer removes these distractions and promotes focus and stamina. The timer silently glows for the selected time period and turns off when time is up. Without a buzzer or countdown, children are able to focus on their work and complete the task at hand.

    Created by a mother and teacher, Soft Glow Silent Timer is designed to:
    • Encourage independent time management
    • Manage time-outs or “take a break” time
    • Promote a calm, successful, and focused learning environment
    • Develop persistence in reading, chores, and other activities that require concentration
    • Provide a soft glowing light for nap or rest time
    • Complete timed activities at home or in a classroom setting without interruption to others
    • Motivate children with special needs, hearing impairment, or anxiety about timed tasks,
    • Portable; No batteries required

    Helen Sporl, a mother, grandmother, and veteran elementary school teacher from Birmingham had this to say about the Soft Glow Silent Timer: “Finally a way to help children stay on task without those annoying and distracting buzzers and dings! Great for time management! I taught school for 35 years and would have had several in my classroom! Bought one for my grandson and am giving as gifts for his teachers.”

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