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Signs & Symptoms of Learning Disabilities


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    Your child has been diagnosed with and treated for ADHD, but is still struggling to keep up with her classmates — though you know she’s just as bright. Could there be something else going on?

    In fact, many children with and without ADHD struggle with undiagnosed learning disabilities that make it difficult for them to read, write, compute, or understand at the same pace as other kids. Left untreated, LDs can cause self-esteem and academic struggles that reverberate all the way into adulthood.

    What can you do? Begin by using the strategies in this eBook for:

    • Recognizing learning disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, and more
    • Pursuing school accommodations via IEPs and 504 plans
    • Devising strategies and techniques to help your child succeed
    • Educating friends, family, and teachers on the reality of learning disabilities

    PLEASE NOTE: This ebook is a downloadable PDF; it does not ship.

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    With more than 60 pages of of symptom breakdowns and real-world learning strategies, Signs & Symptoms of Learning Disabilities will be your go-to resource for advice and resources, including:

    • Self-tests to check for symptoms of common learning disabilities
    • Strategies to teach handwriting, improve reading fluency, or build up math skills
    • Tools for working with school or implementing accommodations at your job

    Proper diagnosis and treatment can put your child or yourself on a level playing field and on the path to a happy life. This report can help.


    This comprehensive report includes many common learning disabilities that affect children and adults everyday. Chapters include:


      If your child struggles with reading, it could be dyslexia.


      Difficulties with handwriting and fine motor skills are characteristic of dysgraphia.


      Math skills—including counting, understanding word problems, and using simple formulas—are challenging for someone with dyscalulia.


      Most people haven’t heard of NLD—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause real problems.


      When your brain has trouble making sense of sounds, it could be an auditory processing issue.


      Language processing disorders can get in the way of speaking and listening to others.

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    The full report has even more useful information about diagnosing LD, setting up accommodations, and more additional resources from ADDitude!

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is a downloadable PDF and ePub file; it does not ship.

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