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“Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids” with Carol Kranowitz, M.A.


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    In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn the signs and symptoms of SPD, why SPD is frequently comorbid with ADHD, how to identify the different types of SPD based on your child’s behavior, and more with Carol Kranowitz, M.A.

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    INSTANT ACCESS! In this audio webinar and slide presentation of “Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids,” Carol Kranowitz, M.A., discusses:

    • The hallmarks of SPD and why it often travels with ADHD
    • How to identify the different types of SPD based on your child’s behavior
    • Sensory-positive strategies for encouraging work and play

    Meet the expert: As a teacher for 25 years, Carol Kranowitz, M.A., observed many young children with Sensory Processing Disorder. To help these “out-of-sync” preschoolers become more competent in their work and play, she studied sensory processing theory, learned about some differences between SPD and ADHD, and steered the students into appropriate early intervention. In her writings and workshops in the United States and abroad, she explains to parents, educators, and other early childhood professionals how sensory challenges play out – and provides fun and functional sensory strategies for home and school. Her two most popular books, The Out-of-Sync Child and The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun, together, have sold 1 million copies. For more information, visit her website at

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