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“7 Fixes for Self-Defeating ADHD Behaviors in Adults” with Alan Brown


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    In this hour-long webinar-on-demand, learn how to stop beating yourself up, save time using a brain hack, the common ADHD pitfalls, and more with Alan Brown.

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    INSTANT ACCESS! In this audio webinar and slide presentation of “7 Fixes for Self-Defeating ADHD Behaviors in Adults,” Alan Brown discusses:

    • How to stop beating yourself up, psyching yourself out, and making your ADHD worse with incessant worry
    • The myth of “multitasking” and the brain hack that can actually save you time
    • How common ADHD pitfalls, such as poor diet and too much screen time, can exacerbate attention problems

    Meet the expert: An entrepreneur and coach, Alan Brown created the award-winning ADD Crusher™ video series. Undiagnosed until well into adulthood, his untreated ADHD manifested in all-too-familiar ways – underachievement, substance abuse, and worse. After being diagnosed, he found it difficult to learn coping strategies from books, so he developed his own strategies while building a successful advertising career and several start-ups. Get Brown’s free eBook, “5 Things You’re Doing Every Day that Make Your ADHD Worse,” at

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