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Sacred Circles Mandala Coloring Book

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    This book features 108 mandalas to color, and includes an introduction by an art therapist who explains how to use mandala coloring for relaxation and focus. Coloring and drawing mandalas, which was used by Carl Jung, has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension: all things we want for our children! Pair it with some great colored pencils or gel pens to make this stocking stuffer extra sweet.

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    This book features:

    • 108 mandala designs to color (30 pages of intricate full-page mandalas and 20 pages of multiple mandalas) — great variety so that you don’t get bored!
    • Introduction to mandalas and an introduction to art therapy, written by an art therapist
    • Section on how to color and use mandalas for meditation
    • 8.5 x 8.5 inches (square)
    • 60 pound (90 gsm) white-colored paper
    • Perfect bound matte softcover (10 pt stock)

    Spiritual traditions throughout the ages have been using mandalas as a tool of contemplation, meditation and transformation. Since Carl Jung used the mandala for therapeutic purposes, it has since established itself as an effective tool in art therapy. Research has found that coloring and drawing mandalas reduces stress, anxiety and tension, improves focus and can lead to greater self-discovery.

    In addition to having 108 mandalas, the book also has 108 pages. Why the focus on 108? It’s a significant number that shows up throughout the universe. In geometry, the number 108 is the natural division of a circle (108=36+72=9×12). In astronomy, the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Sun. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times that of the Earth’s diameter and the distance between the Earth and the moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. And it doesn’t stop there. There are even more reasons why the number 108 is significant, which is why spiritual traditions revere this number as being so sacred.

    Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes towards enabling youth in developing countries to access better educational opportunities. This money is being donated to Build to Learn, an initiative started by The Mindful Word.

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