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    Defy the laws of grab-ity with Newton! The goal of this interactive game is simple: get five balls of the same color into a row. Achieving this is anything but simple! Contending with constantly moving parts, each player must strategize and find the equal and opposite reaction to each action. This spatial strategy game tests the limits of players’ sequential reasoning skills. Lining up moving parts may be difficult, but so was developing the theory of relativity! Challenge yourself and your friends with Newton!

    “When helping your elementary school child learn this game, you can say, “Do you remember how we used to play Connect Four? Well, this is sort of like a more advanced Connect Four.’ It’s easy to teach them.” – Dr. Norrine Russell from the ADHD Experts webinar titled “Bonding Activities: Effective, Practical Relationship-Building Ideas for ADHD Families

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    According to the manufacturer:

    • Can you compete against gravity? See how far your strategy goes with Newton! Line up five balls of the same color and you win!
    • In this skill-testing game, players must change strategies to contend with constantly moving parts!
    • Flex your sequential reasoning skills and see if you can think steps ahead of your opponent and win!
    • Newton is made for 2 players aged 8+.
    • Includes: 20 Red Pieces, 20 Blue Pieces, 1 Game Board, 1 Illustrated Instruction Sheet
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