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Flexi puzzle

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    • Simple brain teaser that kids and adults can enjoy
    • Consists of 12 colorful cubes connected via an elastic string
    • Offer 80 challenges and four skill levels of play
    • Encourages spatial and three-dimensional thinking
    • Includes challenge book (with solutions) and storage bag
  • Full Product Description

    Simple Premise is Easy to Play

    Brainwright’s Flexi Puzzle is made up of 12 colorful plastic cubes that are connected via an elastic string. Each cube has a slot on each side, enabling them to move about the string. Simply pull, twist, and turn the cubes in every direction to rearrange their order.

    For added convenience, the Flexi Puzzle comes with a challenge book for guidance and a storage bag for travel.

    80 Challenges and Four Levels of Difficulty

    The Flexi Puzzle challenge book illustrates 80 different challenges covering four levels of difficulty: beginner, advanced, expert, and master. To begin a game, choose a challenge and follow the illustrations to find the solution. If you get stuck, solutions can be found at the back of the challenge book.

    Encourages Three-Dimensional Thinking

    The brain-teasing nature of Flex Puzzle exercises logic skills in a fun way. In addition to helping develop basic problem-solving skills, this game inspires both spatial and three-dimensional thinking, offering hours of fun for curious minds of all ages. Deceptively simple to play at first, the puzzle’s numerous challenges and skill levels allow players to progress from one level to the next.

    What’s in the Box

    Flexi Puzzle, storage bag, and challenge book.


    1 review for Flexi puzzle

    1. ADDitude reader

      FLEXI-PUZZLE —> most amazing stim toy / fidget ever. Good for doing other things while playing with. Rainbow plastic twisty pieces on an elastic band that cans be moved around to form different shapes and patterns or just moved back and forth.

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