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Farkle with Friends

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    Farkle is your classic risky dice-chucker. Roll the dice, bank some points, then press your luck! Roll again to score more points. Reach 10,000 points and you win! Yes, it’s that simple, but, if they come up duds, you Farkle and lose everything!

    You’ve heard the saying, “Lend your money and lose your friend.” Well, that applies to dice too. Luckily for you, Farkle with Friends is all the risky, gutsy fun of Farkle without any of the sharing.

    This product was recommended by Dr. Norrine Russell in the ADDitude webinar titled, “Bonding Activities: Effective, Practical Relationship-Building Ideas for ADHD Families.”

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    According to the manufacturer:

    • MORE GAME FOR YOUR GAME NIGHT: When you play Farkle With Friends, everyone gets their own dice and cup! No need to waste precious game time passing the same dice across the table
    • 6-PLAYER SET: Includes 6 sets of dice cups with 6 matching dice, 36 dice in total, and 25 scorecards. Colors include: yellow, purple, blue, teal, dark green, and orange
    • FARKLE WITH FRIENDS: To win Farkle, you’ll need to strategically outsmart your friends and family with risky dice rolls! 2-6 player game, 20 minute play time, and great for ages 8+
    • STORAGE TIN: Conveniently holds components of Farkle, all in one travel-friendly storage tin. Inside you’ll find all components including Farkle With Friends and Farkle Hot Streak rules inserts
    • FUN FOR THE FAMILY: Play traditional Farkle, Farkle With Friends, Farkle Hot Streak and any other variation. You can even make your own! Perfect holiday gift idea for those who love a good board game
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