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Be Bold 4 Pack of Dexterity Dough

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    Kids with ADHD are drawn to open-ended, hands-on play. Unfortunately, traditional play doughs crumble and dry out — and are too often filled with artificial dyes and fragrances (yuck!). Dexterity Dough is high-quality, all-natural play dough that’s guaranteed to never fall apart or lose its stretch. It’s made of organic coconut oil and organic orange oil, adding an aromatherapy component that may boost your child’s focus and mood. Orange oil, in particular, is often used to promote relaxation and creativity — making play time more fun and stimulating than ever!

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    Dexterity Dough is super soft, stretchy and will not crumble… EVER… PROMISE!
    When taken care of properly, it will last several months and even up to a year or longer. The Be Bold 4 pack includes four of our most popular bold colors: Pixie Pink, Sapphire Blue, Leprechaun Green and Orange Mango.

    Remember everything you despise about play dough? Crumbling. The smell. The awful ingredients. We just took care of all that. Dexterity Dough is made with 100% coconut oil and 100% orange oil. No fake fragrance, funky preservatives or petroleum products. Dexterity Dough has a meaningful aroma therapy component; orange oil is known to enhance one’s mood while inspiring creativity and tranquility.

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