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Bouncy Bands for Desks

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    Bouncy bands are the perfect solution for kids who tend to kick their feet, rest them on the seat in front of them, or just generally need body-movement stimulation to help them pay attention. Bouncy Bands wrap around the front legs of a standard school desk (19-25” wide with legs 1-1.25 inches in diameter) and help kids move while they work. A device for reducing anxiety and hyperactivity, the bands are quiet and don’t disturb other students or teachers. While many of our readers hadn’t tried them, several of them expressed a desire to give them a shot — especially given their seriously reasonable price point.

    • The ORIGINAL Bouncy Bands that help students move while they work at their desk. 100% Made in the USA.
    • Bouncy Bands improve student time on task since they aren’t as anxious or hyperactive.
    • Teachers love how Bouncy Bands are quiet and don’t disturb or distract other students.
    • Children love Bouncy Bands since they can finally move while they work instead of feeling trapped at their desk all day.

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    Bouncy Bands help all students feel more relaxed and comfortable while they work. They quickly allow students with a way to bounce their feet, stretch their legs, or simply rest their feet. Shorter students especially appreciate not having to let their feet dangle all day or get in trouble for sitting on their feet in their chair. Students with ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety disorder, and restless leg syndrome especially appreciate being able to release their extra energy and anxiety while they work in an acceptable way.

    NOTE: Bouncy Bands are designed for desks that have front legs between 19-25″ wide. The loops on both ends of the Bouncy Band are perfect for desk legs that are 1-1.25″ in diameter. Finally, Bouncy Bands and the pipe supports slide up the desk legs for a quick installation. If your desk looks different than the photos shown above and you need a customized Bouncy Band, simply contact the seller through Amazon. These orders can not be processed through Amazon since only standard Bouncy Bands are offered from the fulfillment centers.

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