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“Go Green: How Mother Nature Can Ease ADHD Symptoms” with Andrea Faber-Taylor, Ph.D.


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    In this hour-long webinar-on-demand with Andrea Faber-Taylor, Ph.D., learn how spending time in nature can improve focus, discipline, and creativity in children with ADHD.

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    INSTANT ACCESS! In this audio webinar and slide presentation of “Go Green: How Mother Nature Can Ease ADHD Symptoms,” Andrea Faber-Taylor, Ph.D., discusses:

    • How exposure to green space relates to a child’s development
    • How green time can improve concentration, self-discipline, and creativity in children with ADHD
    • Why children and adults should spend time in nature for mental restoration

    Meet the expert: Andrea Faber Taylor, Ph.D., is a children’s environment and behavior researcher with the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory and a horticulture instructor, both at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Faber Taylor is recognized internationally for her research on the health benefits of green spaces for children. Her research evaluates the relationships between children’s exposure to green space and their functioning to discover how to design spaces and communities to be more supportive of healthy development. Her diverse published findings include such benefits to children as more creative play, greater concentration, and greater self-discipline. Those findings, along with her groundbreaking research on the benefits of nature in children with ADHD, have resulted in extensive coverage in the media.

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