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ADHD Workbook and Coloring Book

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    by Cathy Carter

    ADHD Workbook and Coloring Book addresses ADHD awareness. 

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    ADHD Workbook and Coloring Book: You Deserve Love and You’ll Get It, ADHD awareness by Cathy Carter

    ADHD is estimated to affect about 6–7% of people aged 18 and under when diagnosed via the DSM-IV criteria. When diagnosed via the ICD-10 criteria rates in this age group are estimated at 1–2%. Children in North America appear to have a higher rate of ADHD than children in Africa and the Middle East; this is believed to be due to differing methods of diagnosis rather than a difference in underlying frequency. If the same diagnostic methods are used, the rates are more or less the same between countries. It is diagnosed approximately three times more often in boys than in girls. This difference between sexes may reflect either a difference in susceptibility or that females with ADHD are less likely to be diagnosed than males.