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The ADHD Parent-Teacher Handbook


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    Consistency and cooperation between school and home makes such a tremendous difference. Forge a coordinated partnership with your child’s teacher by sharing these practical learning solutions to common ADHD problems in the classroom and at home. This downloadable eBook contains specific strategies for both teachers and parents to use when helping a child…

    • Maintain focus and attention
    • Stay organized
    • Make and keep friends
    • Control impulsive behavior
    • And more

    PLEASE NOTE: This ebook is delivered via a downloadable PDF, MOBI file for Kindle, and EPUB file for iBook; it does not ship.

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    They forget to write down assignments. They lose completed homework. They drift off during lectures. Add to that impulsivity and hyperactivity, and our kids are facing an over-sized set of obstacles. One that can only be vaulted with support, at school and at home.

    This eBook provides very specific strategies meant to address very specific ADHD challenges, including:

    • Maintaining focus and paying attention
    • Staying organized and keeping track of assignments
    • Making friends — and keeping them
    • Keeping impulsive behavior under control
    • Identifying each child’s unique learning style

    When parents and teachers work together, children benefit. This eBook provides realistic solutions to pin-pointed problems, helping ensure that school is a positive experience for everyone.


    ADHD students are just as smart as their peers — but sometimes, symptoms stop them from demonstrating their full potential. Here, we spotlight ADHD-specific problems that can get in their way — and their solutions:

    FIDGETING Kids with ADHD have energy to spare. Follow these strategies to help her blow off steam — without disrupting other students.

    FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS Your child isn’t defiant — he just struggles to keep up with complex instructions! Use these tips to ensure he does what he’s told.

    LANGUAGE SKILLS Whether your child has a learning disability, or simply seems behind in language skills, follow these tips to help her express herself.

    WORKING MEMORY Working memory — also known as short-term memory — is crucial during school. Help your child retain what she hears with these tools.

    IMPULSE CONTROL Kids with ADHD don’t always think before they act. Teach the importance of rules by setting clear expectations and fair consequences.

    HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS If your child melts down during homework time (or loses assignments before turning them in), a simple routine can put him back on track.

    “ADHD symptoms like distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity create a whole set of ‘invisible’ obstacles that neurotypical students (and sometimes teachers) may not understand.” —the editors of ADDitude

    BONUS: ADHD/LD Glossary Confused by the acronyms, abbreviations, and esoteric terms of special education? Use our handy glossary to penetrate the jargon and get your child the help he or she needs.

    Help your child succeed… Order the 73-page Parent-Teacher ADHD Handbook today!

    PLEASE NOTE: This eBook is a downloadable PDF and ePub file; it does not ship.

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